[Owasp-board] SpoC Financials

Dinis Cruz dinis at ddplus.net
Sun Mar 4 05:15:51 UTC 2007

Ok, I want to take oportunity that I am in San Jose and will be
participating in the San Francisco Chapter next tuesday to lauch SpoC.

And what I need from you is to agree on the financials.

Here are my ideas (this is a variation of the email I sent a while back):

   - No member of the OWASP board is allowed to apply to a SpoC
   sponsorship (i.e . the four of us :) )

   - We encourage Owasp project leaders to submit proposals. I am planing
   to have a variation of the
favours them

   - Initial Budget will be $109,000 (100k from OWASP and 9 from Spy
   Dinamics). And this is before the membership drive

   - For 100k for projects sponsorships I would like to propose the
   following numbers as an initial guideline (of course that depending on the
   proposals we will reorganize this)

   - $20,000 on 1 Large project
      - $40,000 on Big projects - 8 projects @ $5,000 each
      - $22,500 on Medium projects - 9 projects @ $2,500 each
      - $7,500 on 1 internship (at Aspect's offices)
      - $10,000 on Donations to Open Source projects: 10 donations of
      $1,000 each

      - I will want to allocated one Big or Medium sponsorship to
   somebody to help manage the whole SpoC process

   - I don't think we should normalize these sponsorship numbers by GNI
   (although we might take into account the location of the applicant). This at
   the moment favours lower rating GNI applicants, but on the AoC that wasn't
   really an issue.

   - The 10 'Donations to Open Source projects' ($1,000 each) is an idea
   that I REALLY would like you guys to accept since it is win-win all over the

   - The idea is to get OWASP Members (and only the members) to vote of
      the top 10 Open Source projects they use in their companies (we
might need
      to make each corporate member worth 10 points and individual members 1
      - This would exclude OWASP projects since they can apply to SpoC
      - Naturally the payment would be made to the top 10 voted
      - The payment would be a no-strings attached "Thanks for the
      hard work in creating this tool (which is widely used and
appreciated in the
      OWASP community) and please keep working on the next version"
      - This would be another 'unique benefit to OWASP members'
      - And the PR/Media coverage should be great. We can even make
      announce and present them at OWASP conferences (to make it a bit more

      - For Timescales here are two versions

   - Aggressive TimeScale (my preference):

      - 6th March: SpoC lauch and request for proposals
         - 22nd March: Submission Period is finished
         - 1th April: SPoC Results are announced and SpoC projects
         - 30 June: SpoC ends

         - More relaxedTimeScale:
   - 6th March: SpoC lauch and request for proposals
         - 1st April: Submission Period is finished
         - 15th April: Results are announced
         - 1st May: SpoC projects begin
         - 31 July: SpoC ends

Ok, guys what do you think?

I will start working on the SpoC Press release now

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