[Owasp-board] VOTE: How to handle chapter finances

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Fri Jul 13 02:44:45 UTC 2007

I think doing this for chapters will be a royal pain and another issue that
makes it even worse is dealing with various currencies. The Toronto chapter
just sent us a check in Canadian dollars. I don't even know if we can even
deposit the money, never mind send money to reimburse anyone in Canadian


I really think this is a bad idea for us to try to manage this stuff. Too
painful and expensive for us to do.




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Hi Jeff, what do you mean by 'support their books'? Do you mean handle all
financial transactions (like receive payments, making payments, publishing
annual accounts, etc.?)

If that is the case I think it should be option 2)   (that will be simpler,
more transparent and might not even be that costly since we can do most at
the same time (and will earn some interest on the balance)) 

We should also have some ground rules on what happens with memberships from
local members (for example 50% of individual membership money would go to
the local chapter and 33% of corporate memberships would go to the chapter
assigned by that company) 


On 7/5/07, Jeff Williams <jeff.williams at aspectsecurity.com> wrote: 

I need all Board members to vote dammit - it only takes a second.   I got
2/4 on the last vote.


Some chapters have asked OWASP to support their books, so they don't have to
open a bank account and have a treasurer.


1)      OWASP provides the function for a 10% fee

2)      OWASP provides the function but pays for it out of OWASP reserves

3)      OWASP does not provide the function and leaves chapters to do this




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