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Dinis Cruz dinis at ddplus.net
Tue Jan 30 10:44:36 UTC 2007

Jeff and Andrew

I had a chat yesterday with Dave about when to do a membership push, see the
chat transcript below, and let us know what are your views on this:

dwichers: Dinis,
If we get the membership registration page set up in Cvent early this week,
and the Member Benefits page set, would you be able to/interested in sending
out an OWASP recruiting e-mail?
It would presumably indicate the 'benefits' of being an OWASP member,
including all these new offers/discounts?
As the evangelist I think it would be good if it can from you.
Came from you.

me: just a sec (in a conference call)

dwichers: No problem.

me: off course, what I might do is wait for the AoC wrap up, and SpoC is

dwichers: Wouldn't it be better to space the 'announcements' out?

me: yes
a couple days

dwichers: or weeks?

me: yeah maybe

dwichers: I.e., you could announce the membership drive and benefits, now,
and maybe a summary of the success of the AoC and therefore why they should
And then in a few weeks you can annouce the SoC.

me: humm, the advantage of doing that the other way around is that we can
point to SpoC and say that 100% of the money of the membership will go to
that pot
for example with the SPI membership we are starting SpoC with 109k

dwichers: Says you. I'm not convinced we should spend $100K yet
But I agree it should be X + $9K, whatever X is.
I think announcing now would be better as we can solicit directed
memberships now before we launch the SpoC.
That way differerent people can bid on the directed work right?
Wouldn't you want the directed projects to already be known before the SpoC
is officially launched?
Or is the winning bidder wired? i.e., whoever worked on the project before
gets the $ for the new work?
For $9K, I'd kind of hope we'd get a small team. Look what we got on the
Testing Guide for $3500 or whatever.

me: Well I think this rating critera is just about there:
yeah, I would break the 9k in 1 x 5k 2 x 2k
or 5k + 5k (with the other $1000 put in by OWASP)
or 3 x 3k

dwichers: Some breakdown seems reasonable. I 'm know about 3 chunks, I'm
thinking two.
Two $5K's seems fine to me.

me: or you might have 18k or 27k
at the moment none of the others webappsec scanners are in there

me: so I think that the plan should be something like:

day x: SpoC Request for Comments
+ 1 week: SpoC Request for Proposals
+ 1 week: Membership drive
+ 3 weeks: End of Request for Proposals
+ 2 weeks: Decision on sponsorships
+ 1 week: SpoC starts

me: forgot this one
-1 week: AoC end anoucement

dwichers: I think the membership drive should be right now, and we should
solicit sponsorships for the SpoC with it, and then when the send the SpoC
RFP out, we can include requests for proposols for the sponsors SpoC
sponsored SpoC projects.
Its much more effective, I think, if we have the SpoC sponsored projects
lined up before the RFP.
I also think you should give the 'winners' more than a 1 week before the
SpoC actually starts.
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