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Subject: Re: Financial information about Mozila foundation
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Hi Dinis,

There is some information and a bit of the financial history of the
Mozilla Foundation posted at Mitchell Baker's blog at

Initial funding was through a $2M grant from AOL, and smaller $250k
grants from several partners, and more recently the bulk of our funding
comes through being able to monetize existing search features in the

I follow the web security alias and have seen your posts there.  The
traffic on that mail alias has been helpful in stimulating security
research on Firefox.  Have you thought about putting together grant
proposals to the open source organizations listed below, and maybe a few
top websites that have interest in the web security discussions you
host  as one funding model?

If your interested, Seth Bindernagel, our community building and grant
coordinator, and I could kick around some ideas about Mozilla and these
organizations might be able to help out.  Let us know, and we can set up
a meeting or conference call.


Chris Hofmann

Dinis Cruz wrote:
> Hello
> Dinis Cruz from OWASP (the Open Web Application Security Project),
> http://www.owasp.org
> Due to our extreme growth last year we are currently looking at other
> Open Source development organizations such as yours, Wikipedia or
> Apache Foundation for models on how to scale.
> One piece of information that I wanted to see was the financial
> models, but I can't seem to find them in your website
> (http://www.mozilla.org/about/ , http://www.mozilla.org/mission.html,
> etc..)
> Can you please indicate me the correct page.
> Best regards
> Dinis Cruz
> Chief OWASP Evangelist, Are you a member yet?
> http://www.owasp.org
> _______________________________________________
> partners mailing list
> partners at mozilla.org
> http://mail.mozilla.org/listinfo/partners

Dinis Cruz
Chief OWASP Evangelist, Are you a member yet?
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