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Dinis Cruz dinis at ddplus.net
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Here is an interresting idea for funding,

Why doesn't OWASP pay (or cover some part) of the travel costs of OWASP
leaders to participate in OWASP chapter events?

We could start with a small $10,000 fund and see how it goes. This would be
another good use for our money, a good perk to OWASP leaders (and we could
always limit this to the more active and mature projects) and would promote
cross-chapter colaboration.

Looks like a win-win idea to me

What do you think?


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Some weeks ago I went to the OWASP meeting in the Netherlands (
http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Netherlands). I had an interesting discussion
on security techniques within the development cycle with the panel and other
invited people.

It was too bad the invitation came rather late and it was just scheduled
after the holiday season: I think more people could have been interested in
this chapter meeting.

Anyway, the reason for this post is: I helped Bert (NL chapter leader) in
starting the chapter and if time permits I go to their chapter meetings as
well. I think we have to support each other as much as possible in growing
the chapters into active communities.

Of course the Netherlands are not far away from Belgium, but I encourage
'senior' chapter leaders to help the newcomers with advice and support. One
of the tools you can use is the Chapter Leader
Other items can also be added to the chapter

But the best way to help them start and sustain is to actively give ideas on
topics that were discussed during your own chapter meetings and to post your
material on the chapter page and let us know!



PS: also posted on http://blogs.owasp.org/seba/

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