[Owasp-board] 2006 End Financials

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Fri Jan 19 15:44:47 UTC 2007

I'm gone through about 2/19, and then I have a short trip that week.  So
it's possible for me on the 20th, or sometime the week of the 26th could



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Maybe we could sit in your office and use MSN messenger's voice capabilities
if Dave is in today? I will be in in about 30 minutes - I've been helping
Rogan with my current project. 


Long term though we should be having monthly meetings. Jeff, as per our
conversation the other day, Dinis is going to be here in mid-February. I
know you're on leave around then, maybe if Dinis could let us know his
schedule, we can organize to have a face to face in February once you're
back from leave? 





On 19/01/2007, at 10:33 AM, Jeff Williams wrote:

I think we need to get on a call asap to set a 2007 budget.





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The problem I have is continuity and timely access to this resource. We had
talked about having OWASP interns. I think the intern program, where that
person (or at least one of them) sits in our office and is here X days /
week will help with that. So, for now, I'd suggest we get admin support (or
at least some of it) via this mechanism, and we could get additional support
if necessary via the SpoC.


Re: your other point, I raised this idea with Jeff yesterday too, but also
agree that we can wait a while to figure this out. I'm thinking we need to
do one or the other eventually. I.e., either pay us 'some amount' for our
support, a monthly or annual stipend, or hire people that can support us to
help offset the high level of effort required.





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I'm not convinced that some investment in some permanent (maybe part time)
support on the administrative level wouldn't be a good investment for OWASP
because it would allow all four of us to lean on that person to help get
things don't so we don't have to spend so much of our 'volunteer' time doing
OWASP things or we could invest that saved time in other OWASP things that
deserve attention too.

Could this administrative help come from one or two SpoC sponsorship (and
note that there is nothing wrong with giving a SpoC to an 6 month project)


 I think for the leadership energy level to be sustainable we need some more
paid/reliable/continuous/year round help in this area.

Maybe in the future, but I think that we are doing Ok at the moment (one of
the things we might need to look in the future is where the board members
should receive some financial support (to justify the time spent) but since
at the moment all of us already benefit from OWASP growth, I think that it
is a discussion to have in 6 months time) 



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