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Jeff Williams jeff.williams at aspectsecurity.com
Thu Feb 1 17:13:08 UTC 2007



Over the years we have accepted several significant donations from
commercial companies (Fortify, Secure SW, Aspect, Denim).  The deal I
have negotiated with those donors is that we would promote their project
and make it part of the OWASP family.  In exchange, these companies
would get the benefit of branding those tools.


We must honor the existing commitments since we agreed to them in
exchange for the donations.  However, for future donations, we MAY want
to allow for things to become unbranded at some time in the future, as
the codebase or documentation migrates away from the original


There's a balance here - we want to encourage BOTH donations AND ongoing


Dinis has proposed the following guidelines...


1) The original donor will get project 'sponsor status' (logo on
relevant webpage, logo on tool/document, and mentioned as one of the (or
the only) sponsor(s), until:

   a) the donated material has been substantially transformed into
another tool or document

   b) 3 years have passed since the original donation


note that in both a) and b) cases the original donor should always be
credited, but will not (depending on the current project leader) be a


2) Major contributions for the project (as in time by an employee or
$9,000+ membership allocation or grant) will also give these companies
'sponsor' status (and projects might have 2,3.5, 10 sponsors)


I suggest the following revision...


1) The original donor gets "Donor" status (logo on webpages and in
tool/document) on any derivative works forever.  There can be multiple
donors if two companies contribute to the same work.


2) Sponsors can be added to the project for effort, dollars, or
technology. Their logo lasts for a year after their sponsorship ends.






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