[Owasp-board] Offsite backup and another OWASP expense?

Dave Wichers dave.wichers at owasp.org
Mon Dec 17 22:20:43 UTC 2007

We'll look into this other option. OWASP is directly paying for her
insurance and payroll etc. We are trying to keep OWASP expenses separate
from Aspect as much as possible. The only shared expenses are this amount
proposed below, and the cost of OWASP's T1 (which also provides Alison with
phone service).


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What about online backup of stuff that is OWASP @ http://www.idrive.com
$99 per year 50 gb. archive to tape and off-site is so... yesterday ;)

$6000 per year ($500 per month) for administrative cost/backoffice
rent/lights/office cost and the ability to see other humans on a day to
day is much better than working from home f/t with a PO box ;) or HQ Space
like from http://www.hq.com  + the annual salary (what is that btw?) =
total projected operational costs.

How is OWASP Foundation handling the workers-comp, insurance(s) and other
benefits to the employee if any - is that on Aspect's payroll then simply
a charge back?

> Guys,
> I wanted to get your thoughts on a potential expense for OWASP, and also
> mention another expense.
> Aspect is researching offsite backup capabilities and we could include
> in the backup process if interested. The current pricing is $7 / gig /
> month
> for a 4 year contract. We think this will work out to currently about $600
> /
> month for OWASP's content, which is about half of what Aspect's portion of
> the bill would be. By combining the two together, we get a slightly better
> price.
> Aspect hasn't committed to doing this yet as it is more expensive than we
> were hoping but if we do, do you think OWASP should invest $7K / year on
> this type of service or should we simply risk it, and not pay for this.
> Does anyone know a backup service that would provide offsite backup to
> for free or much cheaper?
> -Dave
> p.s. Aspect calculated an average cost for facilities at Aspect, i.e.,
> rent,
> misc office supplies, etc. and our average is currently $672 / month /
> employee for the past 5 months. As such, we have offered to provide this
> to
> Alison for $500 / month for the next year, and then at the end of 2009
> we'll
> look at this again. Does this seem like a fair price?
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