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Thu Dec 13 01:38:52 UTC 2007

Sebastien?  I can do it anytime... 

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If we want to talk, it would have to be on Fri as I'm on travel Tue-Thur
this week. What time do you want to talk?  Between 9:30 and 2 is best for
me, otherwise after 4 pm.


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Same in NYC as below - just finished the Federal Reserve talk and it went
very well! So well in fact that FBI/Infragard is eager to work with us in
NYC on the conf.

So I have the same questions as below and we have hotels ready to go.  Let's
conf., call next steps this wee for both?

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Please see venue requirements below. Ann is our marketing ‘magician’. 
We would do 3 tracks aiming for up to 400 people. 
·         1 appsec ‘business’ 
·         1 appsec ‘geek’ 
·         1 appsec ‘academic R&D’ 
1)      Do you see something missing below? 
2)      What is the venue budget? 
3)      Important: some academic speakers will require conference travel
expense reimbursement. 
 To boost 

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