[Owasp-board] Add Alison to the owasp-board mailing list

Tom Brennan - Personal jinxpuppy at gmail.com
Thu Dec 13 01:18:31 UTC 2007

Sounds good!  

I might also suggest that we also need to adjust the owasp at owasp.org distro to simply goto Alison then she can traffic cop the request or relay to board if she does not know the answer etc... She can kick a question to the board to establish protocol/direction.  I would think adding all 5 of us would be waste of time as she is the primary for this reason hence the paycheck :) for the role right.

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Anybody has a problem with that?

It would make it simpler and with the exception of we having to discuss a problem with Alison's work (which I hope we will never have to) I can see no issues with her having access to this private list and participating in our internal email threads 

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