[Owasp-board] Local Belgium Sponsors - Euro currency?

Sebastien Deleersnyder seba at deleersnyder.eu
Thu Dec 6 08:30:10 UTC 2007

Hi Dave, board,


For next year we have 4 Belgium sponsors that will contribute € 1000 each to local Belgium actions: e.g. books / Owasp on the Move / catering if required …


The sponsors will (after an OWASP invoice) forward these funds directly to the OWASP foundation, where we will assign the € 4000 to Belgium activities throughout next year.


I have limited the number of Belgium sponsors to 4. 

All other interest is directed towards other sponsoring possibilities.

I already have a candidate to aid with the start-up of a separate Luxembourg chapter.



Is there an OWASP account in Euro, to prevent currency exchange losses?







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