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jinxpuppy jinxpuppy at gmail.com
Sat Dec 1 00:51:25 UTC 2007


So while on train back from DC to NYC its now OWASP time... As you might have heard I am working on the governance outline for submission in Jan for comment/approval to the board. Ahead of that I need a few items that you can help me with.

To start, I need background/history and knowledge.  I need a copy of the 501-3c non-profit incorporation filings since 200x (start date) this should include letters of incorp., bylaws, officers and copies of OWASP's non-profits tax filings and registered agent info if applicable. 

If you could pull copies of all that stuff together that would be great and simply make me a copy mail hard copy OR scan it and email me a copy.  This is the 1st step for me on this effort is to understand what is and how it is structured on paper. 
If you can provide before Dec 31st that would be fantastic

Second step as this is happening is to start gathering some feedback details from the recent inquiry thread of Dinis's what do you want OWASP.... Tally up and pick up the phone and I will call and talk to a every chapter leader worldwide.  There maybe now a list of "active chapters" that now exist and responded to the what's your address question and I need that list with phone number and chapter leader name if possible


On a second item I get the fun projects...., the NYC OWASP World Con event, I have 5 optons to date and will be presenting them to the board for review and selection in the next few days. When we lock on the venue the other tasks and related items rapidly start coming together.  Your logistics involvement will be key and needed and I wanted to sync with you on this before hand.  What date/time next week works for you for a 30 min conf call?  

I am open everyday next week (onsite with client but can break away) except friday and monday am - just let me know.

Enjoy your weekend, cheers its beer-0-clock

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