[Owasp-board] Urgent: SpoC 007 review

Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Mon Apr 23 15:18:47 UTC 2007

Great stuff - I'm excited to get these going!





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hi Guys,

Finally I managed to find the time to complete the SpoC 007 evaluations.
Please see attached the Excel (and Open office) for you to fill.

Some notes:

*	To simplify I reused the same template we did last year with me,
Andrew and Jeff (Dave if you want (and have time) to do the ratings you can
either do it together with Jeff or add a column for you) 
*	Amazingly all proposals have value and I think we should sponsor
them all!!! :)   
*	Included in the Excel doc is a proposed budget (I copied my values
to Andrew's and Jeff's sheets so that the formula worked) and I am very
happy with the current allocation of budgets. 
*	The formula used to calculate the budget was "=IF(G7>2.5;2500) +
IF(G7>3;2500) + IF(G7>4;10000) - J7"   which translates to: you get 2500 if
you are above 2,5, with an extra 2500 if you are above 3 and an extra 15000
if you are above 4 (which is Mark Curphey's case) . To this value I subtract
the direct membership sponsorships 
*	Amazingly we are only short $4500 (from the original budget) .
Currently we would be investing 117,500, with 18,000 still to allocate
*	I also included in the Description column (of the individual rating
pages) the text for each proposal from here:
*	There is some overlap between the projects so what I want to do is
once we agree on the budget (and which ones get selected) : 

*	I will go to each candidate and ask them to confirm that they are OK
with the budget
*	For the projects that overlap I will want them to work together and
I would expect that some of the project scopes will be sightly adjusted. 

So please review this ASAP (sorry for this rush) since we need to let the
guys now ASAP.

This is very good stuff, even if only 70% of the sponsorships deliver this
will be an amazing step forward 

Dinis Cruz
Chief OWASP Evangelist

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