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Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Mon Apr 9 14:25:14 UTC 2007

Hey, just an FYI here.  Stan was an early OWASP leader and has faded over
time, but he really didn't want to see the NY and NJ chapters combined.  He
may have some hard feelings about the way this came out.  I probably should
have brought this issue to the board, but I really didn't think there was
any reason not to combine the chapters (NYC hasn't had a meeting in over a
year, while NJ is growing and thriving).




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From: Stan.Guzik at thomson.com [mailto:Stan.Guzik at thomson.com] 
Sent: Friday, April 06, 2007 4:43 PM
To: Jeff Williams
Subject: RE: OWASP - NYC Chapter


OK, I understand. 


From: Jeff Williams [mailto:jeff.williams at aspectsecurity.com] 
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To: Guzik, Stan (TTA CS&S)
Subject: RE: OWASP - NYC Chapter


Hi Stan,

I really appreciate all the work you are putting in to keep the chapter
people happy.  I'm a bit concerned that you seem focused on keeping the
governance separate rather than working with the leadership of the combined
chapter.  If you have meeting locations and speakers identified, that's
great news.  Could you suggest them to the new board?  I can't imagine there
would be any issue with using them.

I'm counting on you to help make the new combined chapter governance work.
You can help set the agenda for speakers at the downtown meetings.   By
suggesting that the chapters might not be combined, you could be
inadvertently undermining the direction we've chosen.  If the merger doesn't
work and the attendance disappears, I'm sure we'll know pretty soon.

I believe I do have an open mind about the situation, and there seems to me
a clear path forward.  I could really use your support.  Thanks,




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From: Stan.Guzik at thomson.com [mailto:Stan.Guzik at thomson.com] 
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To: Jeff Williams
Subject: OWASP - NYC Chapter
Importance: High


Hello Jeff,

I spoke with some on the NYC Chapter members and they understand why you
decided to merge the chapter but they feel it's better for the NYC chapter
to have its own identify.  I know your concerns about resources but a number
of the NYC members are ready to step up and take over. 

They are proposing that we keep the chapters separate and they can setup a
years worth of meetings in advance.   They will secure the meeting locations
and topics very quickly.  This will show you the commitment these members
have in running the chapter and you will know exactly where the meeting will
be for the entire year.  This should remove any doubts you have about the
NYC chapter.

I'll help with getting the meeting setup.  I work for Thomson and Thomson
Financial has many nice conference rooms throughout NYC.  So setting up the
locations for a year in advance is no problem, my secretary we'll secure the

The NYC members are asking that you let the NYC chapter run on its own and
they are well equipped to do it.  I hope you will look at this with an open



Stan Guzik, CISSP, MCP

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Thomson Tax & Accounting

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