[Owasp-board] Access to german Chapter Mailing List

Laurence Casey larry.casey at owasp.org
Sun Nov 26 20:37:33 UTC 2006

If your referring to someone asking for there password being reset,  I only
reset for people who are sending from the same email address as set to admin
in mailman. I also only send to the new password to that address. And yes, I
am controlling the chapters.


On 11/26/06 11:16 AM, "Dinis Cruz" <dinis at ddplus.net> wrote:

> Larry, one for you,
> That said how do prevent ourselves from being reverse engineered?
> Who is controlling the chapters? Jeff I think that it is you (is that
> correct?)
> Dinis
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: mabrouk at owasp.org <mabrouk at owasp.org>
> Date: Nov 26, 2006 12:17 PM
> Subject: Access to german Chapter Mailing List
> To: dinis.cruz at ddplus.net
> Hi Diniz,
> I am Ali Mabrouk. I am running the german chapter of OWASP. I have
> problems with getting access to the administrative site of the germany
> mailing list (http://lists.owasp.org/mailman/admin/owasp-germany).
> Could you please rest my password?
> Thanks in advance
> Ali Mabrouk 

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