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Jeff Williams jeff.williams at owasp.org
Mon Nov 6 05:49:33 UTC 2006



This is an experiment I set up to test the new Google coop build-your-own
search engine feature.  I added a few sites to the list (basically the
members and a few general sites), and set up a set of "labels" to further
organize them. 


*         ha.ckers.org Non-commercial   

*         www.whitehatsec.com Commercial Products-only   

*         www.aspectsecurity.com Commercial Services-only OWASP Member   

*         www.accessitgroup.com/index.php?mod=application Commercial
Services-only OWASP Member   

*         www.corsaire.com Commercial Services-only OWASP Member   

*         www.ascure.com/ Commercial Services-only OWASP Member   

*         www.cgisecurity.com   

*         buildsecurityin.us-cert.gov Non-commercial   

*         www.ioactive.com Commercial Services-only OWASP Member   

services%2Fsass.htm Commercial OWASP Member   

*         www.webappsec.org Commercial   

*         www.watchfire.com Commercial Products-only   

*         www.fortifysoftware.com Commercial Products-only OWASP Member   

*         www.f5.com/products/TrafficShield/ Commercial Products-only OWASP

*         www.owasp.org OWASP-only Non-commercial  


I think it would be good for us to run a well-organized, well-labeled search
engine for more than just OWASP.  Two commercial concerns here:


 1 - We can include commercial sites, but they would be marked "commercial"
and "product" or "service"

 2 - We will get ads on the right.  If people click the ads, OWASP makes
money.  BUT, as a 501c3 we may be able to get the ads turned off.


What do you think?




Jeff Williams, Chair

The OWASP Foundation <http://www.owasp.org/> 

work: 410-707-1487

main: 301-604-4882


"Dedicated to finding and fighting the causes of insecure software"


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