[Owasp-board] Owasp governance

Dinis Cruz dinis at ddplus.net
Thu Nov 2 00:00:17 UTC 2006

For clarity purposes, what is the title that we should use as members of the

For example is this ok?

Dinis Cruz
Board Member, OWASP.org, http://www.owasp.org
Project leader,  OWASP .Net Project, http://www.owasp.org/index.php/.Net
Project leader,  OWASP Autumn of Code 2006,

We also should officialize the current structure, publish who are the
current Owasp leaders, and define the chain of command:

Owasp Board: Jeff, Andrew, Dinis   - Ultimate decision and Owasp governance
Project Leaders: xxx,yyy,zzz,,,,,,   - Responsible for their project
Chapter Leaders: aaa,bbb,ccc....    - Responsible for their local chapter
AoC Participants: ooo,ppp,ii           - Active participants on their
Owasp Members:   #### (put totals here)  - contributors to OWASP
Email subscribers: #### (put total number for all lists) - contributors to

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