[Owasp-bhubaneswar] Welcome to OWASP Bhubaneswar Local Chapter

Somen Das somen.das at owasp.org
Mon Jul 25 04:00:00 EDT 2011

Hi All,

I want to welcome everyone who has joined the OWASP Bhubaneswar Local
Chapter so far!  We've had a good number of people join in the last month
and I would request everybody to spread the chapter’s existence across other
organizations in our locality.

In the interest of openness, I would like to plead for input from everybody
to set our direction.  I'll give a few questions as guides to gauge the
level of expertise and interests of our membership so that we get ready to
begin planning our first meeting.

   1. Do you have experience with any of OWASP’s projects and have you
      used any of the software or documents in your work?

v  OWASP Top Ten - a broad consensus of the ten most critical web
application security flaws

v  Webgoat - online training environment for hands-on learning about
application security

v  Webscarab - tool for performing all types of security testing on web
applications and web services

v  OWASP Development Guide - a guide to building secure applications

v  OWASP Code Review Guide - a book on secure code review and tools to
support such an activity

v  OWASP Testing Guide - a standard for web application penetration testing

v  CLASP (Comprehensive Lightweight Application Security Process)a
well-organized and structured approach for moving security concerns into the
early stages of the software development lifecycle

v  OWASP Legal Project - materials related to the legal aspects of secure
software, including contracting, liability, and compliance

v  Other - there are many, many, many other projects within OWASP...

    2.   Would your organization be able to provide a venue for our
meeting(s)?  (Free of charge)

    3.   I would like to schedule our meetings in the epicentre of our
membership. So, where do you work (what area of our town)?

    4.   Have you been involved in some aspect of application security for
which you'd be willing to present to the group? No sales. Just information
sharing :-)

    5.   Should we have a more informal kick-off meeting or more heavy on
the formal presentation?

    6.   What do you hope to get out of OWASP?

Outside of these questions, please feel free to introduce yourself and give
your background if you're willing to share with the group.  I'm also open to
any positive (constructive) feedback as we move forward.

Thanks & stay secure,

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