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Somen Das somen.das at owasp.org
Wed Aug 3 23:41:43 EDT 2011

Dear All,

Can we contribute to this ? Like "short video message of our chapter
saying "hello from the XXX OWASP chapter" in our native language"...
Having landmarks like "Dhauli/Lingarj Temple/Puri/Konark etc..." in
back ground ?

Let me know your views...

Thanks & stay secure,

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Date: Wed, Aug 3, 2011 at 10:46 PM
Subject: [Owasp-leaders] FW: OWASP Keynote Videos from Chapters

Mark Curphey has requested me to send you off the message below. I
believe what he is asking for is important and so I also ask you to
please find the cycles to read his relatively long email and to
support his plan as much as you can. Please do not hesitate and do use
me as facilitator if you think I can be of any help.
- Paulo
Paulo Coimbra,
OWASP Project Manager

Date: Tue, 2 Aug 2011 21:44:47 -0700
ToSubject: Re: OWASP Keynote Videos from Chapters

That is awesome. So here is an email I would love for you to be able
to send on my behalf.
About 10 years ago I seeded an idea in a few peoples minds which has
grown into the OWASP you all know today.  I am lucky enough to be
doing the keynote celebrating the 10th anniversary of OWASP at
AppSecUSA (and btw happy to deliver the same talk to others around the
world, schedules permitting) and I am asking for your help. The theme
of my talk will be "Community the Killer App" in which I will reflect
on how the OWASP community has organized and mobilized online and in
person. In my talk I plan to use a series of videos from both well
known technology people and a set of videos from the OWASP community
itself. I need your help in pulling together videos from the OWASP
community from the Chapters you run. Specifically I am looking for two
1. Personal stories - I know that over the years OWASP has affected
many people personally. I have heard stories about people who found
the project and went back to higher education as a result of it, I
have heard stories about people that have started companies in
software security after getting inspired by OWASP, heard about people
that learned appsec in India and gone on to get very well paid jobs in
the US based on their skills and I have heard about people earning a
living based on OWASP material. I have heard about OWASP teams working
to help charities get secure and so on. I would love to be able to
share a few of these stories. The more interesting the story the
better and the more global or humble in nature the better. Its amazing
set of people and I want to hear from the amazing. I am asking you as
chapter leaders to help me find those stories by contacting your
chapters or talking to your members and working with me to record a
short video message from them that I can use in my talk.
2. Chapters Around the World - I want to put together a quick collage
of video messages from chapters around the world. The idea will be to
do a short visit to all the countries where OWASP has a presence and
get a quick hello message from each chapter. I am asking for each
chapter leader to work with me on a short video message of your
chapter saying "hello from the XXX OWASP chapter" in your native
language. We have chapters in amazing locations around the world so if
anyone will get creative and record your message in-front of global
landmarks (Athens and the Acropolis as an example, Dubai by the
Jumeriah, Sydney by the Opera house of Harbor bridge etc) all the
better but you can't organize a landmark video then simply a message
from your local chapter meeting will be great as well.  Line them all
up, have them all shout "hello from the XXX OWASP chapter" in their
native language and I will then edit these videos together to get a
montage that will show the sheer global diversity and reach of the
OWASP Project.
I am also interested in any video material people have of chapter
activity that I can edit into the film clip. Maybe people have done
socials, beers nights, go-kart events etc.
I will accept any video formats (I will be editing with Final Cut on
OSX) but the better quality the video and the more creative the
better. If you can help me (and I really hope ALL chapters will come
through on this) you can send me an email directly and I will invite
you to a drop box to upload your video and we can discuss dates. I
will need all videos by the first week in September at the very
Please, please help me create what I think can be some compelling
videos messages from the people that really make OWASP what it is. The
community, thats you!
Thank you and cheers!

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