[Owasp-bayarea] 23rd Jan Hands-on:An introduction to Mobile Malware Analysis ,

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Mon Jan 14 05:11:00 UTC 2019

Hi All,
Happy New Year, We are starting this new year with an awesome session by
Anish patil on "Introduction to Mobile Malware Analysis". Please fill the
form to register.

*Topic:- An introduction to Mobile Malware Analysis*

*Date: Monday, January 23rd | 6:00PM - 8:00PMVenue: Splunk Santana Row
office, 3098 Olsen Drive, San Jose, CA*

*Registration Form:- https://goo.gl/forms/FjoIo2WI0aSg8aiz2

Talk Description:

Mobile phones are a lot more than just phones these days, they are a
Pandora's box for critical user data. This makes such devices a prime
target for malware writers interested in stealing user data, which is
extremely lucrative for a number a threat actors. Unsurprisingly, mobile
malware has been on the rise over the last few years and is likely to keep
doing so in the near future. In this session we will talk about the
different approaches towards mobile malware analysis and focus on some key
areas that will help a newcomer to this field test the waters. We will
highlight few tools and techniques specific to certain approaches in an
effort to give a starting point to enthusiasts.

Main topics to be covered:


   Introduction to the mobile malware landscape

   Major players in Mobile malware

   What is an Android malware interested in ?

   Few types of Android malware

   Basic concepts for Android malware analysis

   Analysis approach

   Where to find new samples ?

This is intended to be an interactive session with demos sprinkled in
between the topics. There might be slight additions to the final session
but the topics mentioned about will be the meat of the talk

Material needed:

A laptop powerful enough to run a Linux Virtual Machine, we will be using
Santoku 0.5 as it comes pre-installed with few tools. Want to use a
different Linux flavor ? You are welcome to install the tools mentioned
below on your choice of Linux.

(I will keep a USB with these tools handy so please ensure you have Admin
access to your machine with external USB allowed)

Download instructions for tolls needed during the session:


I will add more content to this repository and try to include all the
necessary things in this repository itself in an effort to reduce
downloading things from multiple places

About the speaker:

Anish is a Researcher at SonicWall, a cyber-security company that provides
internet security solutions. After working on Windows malware for a while
he has moved onto Android malware after recognizing the rapid growth of
malicious activity in this new area.

Again, please fill the registration form to register:-


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