[Owasp-bayarea] OWASP Hands-on Event: Writing Burp extensions

Prashant Kv kvprashant at owasp.org
Fri Oct 26 18:19:50 UTC 2018

Hi All,
Glad to announce a hands-on meetup on "Writing Burp extensions". Please
fill the form to confirm your participation.

*Date*: Monday, November 5th | 6:00PM - 8:00PM
*Venue*: Zillow Group, 535 Mission St, Suite 700 San Francisco, CA 94105

*Resitration form*:- https://goo.gl/forms/PS3P8QCQ68I5Recq2

Instructions to enter the seventh floor: Each attendee will have to sign in
with security in the lobby on the ground floor (they will need to be sent
up to the 7th floor). Once they are on the 7th floor, we should have signs
pointing them to "The Bay" event space; this is our large conference space
next to our cafeteria.

*Talk Description:*
Talk description: This 2-hour session will introduce burp suite with hands
on exercises on extending burp capabilities using extender APIs, in short
writing burp plugins. We start with a quick recap on burp suite and then
dive onto writing extensions using Java and Python languages. We will
explore few application test cases with example and write working
extensions in both languages.


-          Netbeans with Java installed
-          Python 2.7 installed
-          Burp Suite Free edition
-          A fair understanding of coding will be helpful

Sanoop ‘s4n7h0’ Thomas
Sanoop is a seasoned security professional with diverse background in
consulting, teaching, research and product-based industries with a passion
to solve complex security problems. Today, Sanoop works as information
security specialist focusing on application security and secure coding. His
field of interest includes reverse engineering, malware analysis,
application security and automating security pentest/analysis
methodologies. He is moderating null open community chapter in Singapore
and organised over 60 events & workshops to spread security awareness
across country. Sanoop is also the author of Halcyon IDE (halcyon-ide.org)
an IDE that is focused to develop Nmap scripts. He has spoken at security
conferences like Nullcon, OWASP India, HITBGSEC, Rootcon, Defcon and
Blackhat Arsenal.

Again, Please fill the form to confirm your participation.
*Resitration form*:- https://goo.gl/forms/PS3P8QCQ68I5Recq2

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