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Prashant Kv kvprashant at owasp.org
Tue Oct 16 05:45:16 UTC 2018

Hi All,
Hackerone is hosting an event which is free of cost. Forwarding this mail
as they have been supporters of OWASP Bay area. Please do try to to attend.

*[email protected] San Francisco 2018*
The annual hacker-powered security conference, [email protected] San Francisco, is
now open for registration! The one day event will take place on *October
24, 2018 at The Midway SF* and gather the largest community of industry
influencers, public and private sector leaders from some of the most
advanced security teams, and hackers from all over the world to discuss
everything hacker-powered security. Read more via our blog:

*Agenda Highlights*
We’re looking forward to healthy discussions around everything from the
legal implications of safe harbor to compliance to best practices driving
security maturity across industries. The 2018 agenda highlights include:

   1. *Keynote from internationally recognized hacker and author Keren
   Elazari *presenting the future of cyber security - from a friendly
   hacker's perspective.
   2. Panel featuring *Reina Staley from Defense Digital Service, Oath CISO
   Chris Nims, hacker Frans Rosen and moderated by Kate Conger from The New
   York Times* about building relationships with hackers through live
   hacking experiences.
   3. Fireside chat featuring the *Leonard Bailey from the Department of
   Justice and Amit Elazari* discussing the difference between criminals
   and hackers, the legal implications of safe harbor, and getting the next
   generation of hackers on the right side of the law.
   4. Panel of some of the *world’s leading hackers* talking about what
   makes bug bounty and vulnerability disclosure programs successful, hacker
   motives, and the opportunities.
   5. Panel with *Yelp Director of Engineering Vivek Raman and Priceline
   Senior Security Engineer Christian Bobadilla* covering the unique
   challenges around data security, safeguarding digital identities, working
   with hackers and protecting consumers against emerging cyber threats.
   6. *Visa's Director of Perimeter Security Jason Pubal and Mike Weber, VP
   of Coalfire Labs*, talking about security in highly regulated
   7. *Sumo Logic CSO George Gerchow* sharing his experience with balancing
   cloud, compliance, GDPR, and security in highly regulated environments.

*Registration is free* again this year. We’re excited to see everyone
on October 24, 2018! In the meantime, you can follow the conversation on
Twitter via #securityat. We’ll have the sessions recorded and posted later
for those that can’t attend as well.
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