[Owasp-bayarea] Mobile Hacking ( w/ Software Defined Radio ): DC650 / BAHA / Noisebridge / OWASP?

Blake blake at hotwan.com
Fri Apr 12 23:30:41 UTC 2013

Hi Ya'll,

I got some new material for a short workshop of SDR/ Gnu-radio and
attacking smartphones wirelessly.

It's in prep / dry run for part of my Blackhat Vegas Class: (Mobile
Hacking II)

Was hoping one [or more] of the local groups could host a spot for me. The
workshop is open to anyone / free. Bring Vmware.

Late May, or sometime in June would work.

Blake Turrentine
(415) 786-8008


On 4/11/13 7:56 AM, "travis+ml-dc650 at subspacefield.org"
<travis+ml-dc650 at subspacefield.org> wrote:

>On Wed, Apr 10, 2013 at 11:07:00PM -0700, Ghostwood wrote:
>> For long time we were looking for presenters but it's been difficult. Do
>> you have something to offer in terms of presentation? If you are in CTF
>> can probably create a mini-talk on the topic and present and then see
>> the discussion after that creates?
>As the organizer (such as it is) of BAHA (baha.bitrot.info), I have
>the same problem finding presenters.
>Because it's so hard, I've created a mailing list for this purpose:
>If you'd care to try and email the people who presented at BSidesSF,
>I'd REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate you inviting them to give a talk
>at BAHA and send an abstract to the BASP list.  It's really okay
>for them to give the same exact talk!  They can shop it around the
>Bay Area.
>I just haven't had time to do this with more than a few people.
>Strangely enough, I found that the San Antonio Linux user's group was
>the most active LUG I've been at (in part because of Rackspace
>employees) and that in Austin, the Austin Hacker's Association was
>pretty sizeable, in part because of HD Moore and his clique.  In part
>it's because of a core group of people who always showed up, and kept
>the momentum going.
>If you have any ideas on how I/we can reach more presenters, even if
>it's merely by encouraging people with a thirst for knowledge to help
>out in locating them, please LMK.
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