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Moshiul Islam moshiul.islam at owasp.org
Tue Apr 6 01:53:03 EDT 2004

Hi All,

Welcome to OWASP Bangladesh Chapter.  It’s an introductory email from me.  I
am requesting all of you to give us an intro email as well.

I am Moshiul Islam, currently working for Eastern Bank Ltd as Associate
Manager, IT Security.  Studied in UK, after finishing study worked for First
Great western Railway (in UK) and Intel Corporation U.K ltd. Few years back
I came back to Bangladesh and worked for KAZ Software and KPMG Bangladesh.
During my time with KPMG, I provided IT Audit service to various Banks, MNC,
Telecom and Manufacturing companies. From where I got the opportunity to
know some of you.

I am young, in terms of age and professional experience. I consider myself
as a learner with passion for IT Security.  In my view, due to lack of scope
and cooperation we are not being able to grow, utilize our skills in IT
Security. As of my knowledge this is the first Bangladeshi community with
global network for IT Security professionals (correct me if I am wrong).

I would request you all to visit www.owasp.org , if you haven’t visited
already. Please note that it’s a free community and open for all who has
interest in Security domain. OWASP is governed by volunteers. OWASP is not
associated with any vendors or other organization, which protects our

I have already invited corporate leaders, renowned software developers,
security professionals and security experts from various sectors. I am
feeling very happy that many of you have already joined. Please do not
hesitate to invite others, whom you think might be interested in Security
domain. Although OWASP focus on Application security, but considering
maturity of our Security industry, we will try to cover current issues in IT
Security industry and focused attention in Application Security.

Our vision is to improve awareness of security issues countrywide and at the
same time improve our skills.  From time to time we will try to arrange
seminar or webinar by local or foreign Presenter.  As I mentioned earlier,
without all of your support and dedication we will never be able to meet our

I am sure it will be very friendly community where everyone will be treated

Many Thanks,

Moshiul Islam, CISA
Leader & Chair, OWASP Bangladesh chapter.
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