[OWASP-Bangalore] OWASP Bangalore Febuary Special Meet - 8th Feb 2014 With Justin Searle

akash.mahajan at owasp.org akash.mahajan at owasp.org
Thu Jan 30 06:10:59 UTC 2014

Hi Folks,
Please read carefully.

We are doing a special meet on 8th of Feb 2014. This is part of a
bigger meet and will be held at PayPal Office on Outer Ring Road. Folks
who register will be getting the full details of venue etc. The event
will start at 10:30 AM and go on till 6:30 PM. There will be an hour
long lunch break at 1 PM.
Workshop A Systematic Method for Manual Web Pentesting by Justin Searle.
Information Page
There are limited seats at the venue (40) so please register and
confirm in time.
Last date for registration is 9 AM on 5th of Feb 2014
For any questions, directions etc. get in touch with me
* Akash Mahajan | 99805 27182 | akash.mahajan at owasp.org
* K V Prashant | kvprasant at owasp.org

I've invited you to fill out the form OWASP Bangalore Febuary Special
Meet - 8th Feb 2014 With Justin Searle. To fill it out, visit:
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