[OWASP-Bangalore] 4th Feb 2012 null/OWASP/Garage4hackers/SecurityXploded Bangalore Monthly Meetup

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Hi All,
 Today I have attended meeting ( first time i am attending null/OWASP/Garage4hackers/
securityxploded Bangalore meet) it was very useful and informative.
 I am beginner for software security  .please suggest me where to start, suggestion for any books,courses and links would be helpful .

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Subject: [OWASP-Bangalore] 4th Feb 2012 null/OWASP/Garage4hackers/SecurityXploded Bangalore Monthly Meetup

Hi All,

We will have this  months null/OWASP/Garage4hackers/
securityxploded Bangalore meetup on Saturday 4th Feb 2012 starting
at 10.00 AM. No registrations, no fees, just come with an open
mind :)

Meet is divided into 2 parts, the
monthly talks and Training on Reverse Engineering. The Reverse
Engineering training will start at 12:45 PM by the SecurityXploded/
Garage4Hackers team.

1. News Bytes:- Ajan
2. Cloud Security:- Ananda
3. FTK basics:- Abhishek basu
4. Assembly Basics- Amit Malik and Swapnil

Kieon, 3rd Floor, 302 Prestige Sigma,
3 Vittal Mallya Road,
Bangalore 560001
Opposite Bishop Cottons Girls School, Above Emirates Airlines office.

Map Location: http://g.co/maps/dahhv

Parking is available in the building.


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