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List Admin(s),****

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I have an excellent opportunity with my team in Bangalore for a senior
security engineer, focusing on application security that I would like to
post to your local OWASP community.  I have posted to the Global OWASP
AppSec job board, with little success.  This is the main reason for my
grassroots efforts with various communities like yours.  I can’t think of a
better audience to present this message to and would love you help.****

** **

I’ve attached the details of the role and my contact info is included.
Please let me know if you have any questions and thank you in advance. ****

** **

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Zeb Blalock  *|*  Recruiter | Talent Acquisition  *|*  Amazon
*E:* zebb at amazon.com <jcsmith at amazon.com>  *P:* 206.266.9846   *C:*425.466.1360

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Work hard. Have fun. Make history.****

Amazon.com/Careers <http://www.amazon.com/careers>****

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