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Correction: OWASP Delhi community already exists and allows participation
from the entire NCR region which makes it the largest community comparing to
any other OWASP local chapter. http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Delhi 


Volunteers interested to participate at OWASP Delhi can connect with the
OWASP Delhi committee members
(http://www.owasp.org/index.php/Delhi#OWASP_Delhi_Committee_Members) to get
updates on past events, industry communication, registration, etc. and we
would be glad in offering assistance on taking the OWASP flagship forward.


Gandhi, Let us connect offline and discuss.


Many Thanks,



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Nice to hear from you Arun.  I am not only focussing on Bangalore, but want
to change the India Charter, and need to promote as we are far behind to the
rest of the Charters.


Could you please go-ahead volunteer yourself and start a community at NOIDA
& Delhi, and share the updates to me every Saturday (in case we need to jump
on Concall, will do so).  Also share me what are your issues that blocks
OWASP meets regularly, please share to me, such that we will get them


At this moment I consider you as a Active Volunteer for OWASP Noida/Delhi
Charter. Let me know incase of any concerns.


I need to have OWASP regular meets every Week and Knowledge sharing sessions
that will happen and I'll update you related some interesting news for the
OWASP members (who will join as a member, as we are working out nice options
for OWASP members) and the rest of the changes happening only for ASIA


Hence, there you go...






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Hi Gandhi,

Nice to hear the name McAfee (I am an ex-McAfee employee :)). Anyways, just
1 question. Why concentrating only Bangalore audience? I am right now
working with Adobe, Noida and I am sure there will be quite a many people
like me who are not in Bangalore anymore.


On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 6:05 PM, Fibinse Xavier <fibinse.xavier at gmail.com>

Hi Gandhi, 


My details may not be of interest of you at all, but without that I don't
want to make this email sound like a trivial 'how did you do it' question.


I've just been introduced to python scripting language after having spent 3
years on manual testing. Through one python mailing list I found Owasp and I
think you seem to be the right person to ask this to: how does one begin to
build a career in Infosec?


I'll be very grateful, if you could please take some of your precious time
to bring light to this question.





On Thu, Feb 17, 2011 at 11:19 AM, aryavalli gandhi <gandhiasrn at yahoo.com>

Hi Team,


It was nice talking to you through this email.  I am Gandhi working with
McAfee, had a chance to participate in OWASP - Global Summit, Portugal from
India.  There were lot of things that I have discussed regarding OWASP
(India), and would like to share few highlights in our next meet.


Could you please let me know are we all have a common place to meet (similar
to NULCON), and do similar sessions every 3rd or 4th of every month, such
that we will be all meeting in a common place.


Also would like to know a volunteer that will be the single point of contact
for organising these events, and share the updates on Information Security
as OWASP rest of the charters were really doing well compared to India
charter, and we do have plan to organise a world summit in 2012 in India -
especially Bangalore.


I would like to know the challenges of improving our Bangalore community
very well, and would like to support on each and every activity.  Feel free
to share your thoughts on our next OWASP meet (separate - I know we are all
meeting in NULL) to discuss on the challenges, and chalk out a plan to make
OWASP (Bangalore) grow bigger.


Also could you please send to ME the list of the audience who are currently
in the list of the community in the below format, such that I'll consolidate
and share the details to the thread such that every one knows who we are all



Name               Company working for                Overall IT Experience
Experience in Info Sec           Hobbies       Interested in presenting a
Session(tentative date/time)





Thanks for contributing OWASP and making this community grows bigger.





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