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I am interested in seeing community expansion as this is the best method
for those who are newer to the topic of web application security than
those who have been doing it for awhile. I believe that IBM, Microsoft
and Oracle also have employees who have great knowledge but otherwise
only present it in an insular, internal-only context. The respective
bodies of knowledge from these firms needs to become more open where
they are sharing to the outside world and by participating in user
groups, this goal can be realized.


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james, it would be indeed nice to understand context as to why you want
to know what? as a point of interest, there are multiple IBM people and
multiple ex-satyam people that i know of... as for the others... its a
big group... 

if your question was in the context of understanding if such an event is
more relevant to dynamic startup type of people or process driven large
org type of people (huge generalisation there, but i *presume* this is
the generalisation you *might* be making) - the know that the
presentations are relevant to all... as security is not a destination,
its a process and the process applies equally to large and small
companies... the risks you take depends on the type of data you are

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