[OWASP-Bangalore] Fyodor Yarochkin & Dr. Wu Ming‐Wei in bangalore

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Hi All,
Fyodor Yarochkin & Dr. Wu Ming‐Wei (Benson Wu) are well know names in Information Security domain. Fyodor is in bangalore till saturday morning & Benson will leave on monday. I would appreciate it if you can let me know your interest in meeting them. Please find their brief bio below. If you want to meet both Fyodor & Benson then we might have to arrange for a meeting on friday evening. Else we can meet with Benson over the weekend. I am sending a seperate mail to the Null group. 
So, I would request you to kindly reply if you are interested. Please feel free to call me on 9620271757, if you need any further details.
Fyodor's Brief Bio:
i. Major contributor to SNORT IDS & presenty a Security Analyst with Armorize Technologies.
ii. Frequent speaker at international security conferences, including BlackHat 2001 HK,
   BlackHat 2001 Singapore, BlackHat 2002, Ruxcon 2003, XCon 2003 / 2006, HITB 2004
   and 2005, Syscan 2005, Bellua 2005, HITCon 2006 / 2007, and VNSecurity 2007,
   SySCAN TW 2008, OWASP Asia 2008, Deepsec 2008, Coscup 2008.
iii. Published many well‐cited papers on top security conferences and magazines,
including Usenix and Phrack Magazine.
iv. Early developer to snort, maintainer of the snort FAQ, and founder to Xprobe.
v. MS degree in computer science from Kyrgyz Russian Slavic University
vi. Currently under PhD program at EE, National Taiwan University.
Benson's Brief Bio:
i. Founding Member of Armorize Technologies well known for code scanning tool "Code Secure"
ii. PhD, E.E, National Taiwan University, Taiwan.
iii. Security consultant to various Govt's in South east Asian region. 
iv. Author of Web Application Security Guide, Executive Yuan; Government of Taiwan.
v. Committee Member; Government Information Security Common Criteria, Executive
Yuan; Government of Taiwan.
vi. Associate Researcher, National Information and Communication Security Taskforce
(NICST), Executive Yuan, Government of Taiwan
vii. Founder and CIO, L7 Networks

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