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Sundar suntracks at gmail.com
Tue Nov 24 21:40:46 EST 2009

Forwarding the mail from NULL ,
as most of you are aware that we have combined NULL and OWASP
Bangalore meets.
Would want to see more people coming forward to give sessions and
thanks to Akash who has collated a wish list from members
Also let know if any particular topics that you would want to take
that is not in this list .


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From: Akash <akashmaha... at gmail.com>
Date: 23 Nov, 22:40
Subject: Null Bangalore Session Planning
To: null


We haven't had a null meeting in the entire month of November. To
ensure continuity we decided in the last meeting to circulate some
topics which are of interest to members so that they can prepare for
talks in advance.

Here is the list we came up with.

Training wish list

1.      WEP crack + crypto analysis
2.      MetaSpoilt demo
3.      Writing Shell Code
4.      Gray hat phyton tools
5.      Hacking mail servers
6.      Network attacks using fuzzers
7.      Web attacks, like blind sql injection, XSS, CRSF demo
8.      Demo of SCA tool like fortify
9.      Foot priting
10.     Web services exploitation
11.     Hacking Cisco Devices
12.     Setting a Security lab
13.     Attacking LAMP servers
14.     Honeynet
15.     Virus creation & malware analysis
16.     Virtualization & cloud security
17.     Kylin vulnerability
18.     Attacking mobile devices
19.     Conducting penetration testing

Please come forward and let the group know what you would be
interested in talking or presenting about.

warm regards,
Akash Mahajan
Security Consultant, (Web / Networks /
Servers / IT/ Virtualization)
Founder Headstart Network Foundation

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