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Tue Nov 24 08:47:47 EST 2009

Apologise about that ,
i got this mail on 24th and ignored  to see the dates.


On Tue, Nov 24, 2009 at 11:47 AM, Supreeth Burji
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> if i am not wrong this says, the summit ends on 24th and the mail was
> triggered on 24th?
> Regards
> Supreeth Burji
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> 2009
>    NASSCOM-DSCI Information Security Summit 2009
>  Hotel Shangri-La, Ashoka Road, New Delhi (November 23-24, 2009)
>   Dear Sir / Madam  Data Security Council of India (DSCI) has developed
> Best Practices for Data Protection through its programs that include the
> Content Aggregation Program (CAP), Security Surveys, and collaboration with
> knowledge sources and information security experts. As part of CAP, DSCI has
> mapped several compliance regulations, into appropriate security controls
> that need to be deployed for complying with these requirements. This was a
> critical step towards defining DSCI Best Practices for Data Protection. The
> compliance requirements have been mapped with ISO 27001 international
> standard for security practices, and OECD Privacy Principles for privacy
> requirements, among other international standards. Mapping with these
> standards has helped standardize the controls, and led to the creation of
> DSCI Security Framework (DSF) and DSCI Privacy Framework (DPF), which will
> enable service providers in India to be not only in compliance with
> regulatory requirements of clients’ countries, but also make them really
> secure. The best practices meet will focus on:
> DSCI Security (DSF©) and Privacy (DPF©) Framework and the DSF© Technical
> Model
>    - Outsourcing Security Challenges: Outside-In View
>    - Forensics Investigation Practices for strong Data Protection Regime
>    - Emerging Disciplines of Security
>    - Relevance of DSF©, DPF© and the SRO Ecosystem
> Security has been established as an important function of organizations,
> and is now expanding to strategic, tactical and operational layers of the
> organization. Growing challenges of managing security, increasing threats
> exposure of an organization and fast expanding compliance regimes demand a
> comprehensive approach towards security. On the other hand, the
> organizations’ IT  ecosystem is changing because of virtualization and
> migration to cloud computing. These trends challenge the established notions
> of security, and require an overhaul of organization’s security strategy.
> The complex web of compliance regulations that are specifying increasing
> requirements for data security and privacy are putting increasing pressure
> on the security managers. This has created immense opportunities for
> security discipline, which have seen phenomenal growth in the recent times.
> Different approaches and frameworks have emerged that promises to address
> specific or enterprise wide security challenges. Security market is
> responding to these changes by the way of consolidation and innovation that
> lead to creation of an existing security technology market profile. The
> summit will take a review of all such trends including:
>    - Building a comprehensive security landscape
>    - Security in changing IT ecosystem: virtualization and cloud computing
>    - Expanding compliance regime- dictating security priorities
>    - Protecting your enterprise: Challenges, approaches and frameworks
>    - Consolidation and dynamism of security technology market trends
>   You are cordially invited to participate in the 2 days summit. You may
> also depute senior representatives to attend the conference as esteemed
> delegates. We would request you to confirm your participation to my
> colleagues Nikhil Chachra / Anshul Yadav latest by closing hours of November
> 21, 2009. For any further assistance, they can be reached at  (Mobile:
> 09810118828/09953221908, Email: nikhil at dsci.in / anshul.yadav at dsci.in).
> The agenda and registration form are also attached herewith for your
> reference
>   Look forward to seeing you during the event.
>   Best Regards,
> Dr. Kamlesh Bajaj | Chief Executive Officer |
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