[OWASP-Bangalore] CFP for IEEE workshop on Collaborative Security Technologies

Samir Saklikar ssaklikar at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 04:06:04 EDT 2009

Dear All,
I would like to share with you about an upcoming IEEE workshop on
Collaborative Security technologies. http://www.cosec-workshop.info/
Please do consider submitting your research/analytical work in the form of
technical papers for the workshop.
If you are interested in participating the workshop in some way (for e.g. a
demo or otherwise) or you would like more information, please do let me


Workshop on Collaborative Security Technologies (CoSec 2009)

in conjunction with the

3rd International Conference on
Internet Multimedia Systems Architecture and Application (IMSAA-09)
Bangalore, India
9 - 11 December 2009

The increasing number of Internet-scale threats is becoming a serious
concern for any organization which is connected to the Internet. With
decreasing large-scale computing and networking costs,attackers are
sufficiently equipped to carry out wide-ranged long-lived collaborative
attacks on a single target. Attackers have learned the power of
collaboration and knowledge-sharing, as proven by multiple cases wherein
similar attack code or patterns (albeit at different scales) have been used
to target individuals, small-medium businesses or large corporations alike.

The security community has always benefited from knowledge-sharing to work
together in developing sturdy solutions. Can a similar approach be applied
to define collaboration-based security technologies which can prove to be
more resistive against co-ordinated attacks? This workshop on Collaborative
Security Technologies (CoSec), aims to discuss whether an approach based on
the ‘United we stand, but divided we fall’ can be applied to security
technologies as well. This workshop is a first of its kind, focusing on
discussion of how a given security concept can be exponentially more useful
when used in a collaborative way across a given set of nodes, rather than
working in a stand-alone mode. Some of the technical areas wherein we
believe the collaborative nature of security technologies can be applicable
are as follows.

- Collaborative defence against DDoS attacks
- Collaborative approaches against web-based attack (phishing etc) detection
and protection
- Social networking-based collaboration for malware detection and
- Collaborative Policies definition and enforcement across administrative
- Collaborative responsibility for Privacy enforcement of multi-domain
- Collaborative forensics
- Collaboration within Govt. and Public Safety organizations against
national security concerns
- Collaborative or Distributed versions of well-known security protocols
- Multi-domain or Multi-technology-based collaboration for generating an
end-to-end views of a global or large-scale attack patterns and their
- Augmentation methods for review of Security logs and information from
multiple sources

For more information please visit the conference web pages at

The workshop welcomes papers in the standard double-column, IEEE format, but
in 10 pt font, and no longer than 6 pages (including all figures and

Last Date for Paper Submission: 10th September 2009
Paper Acceptance Notification: 5th October 2009
Last Date for Camera Ready: 15th October 2009

Workshop Organizers:
Peter Mueller, IBM Zurich
Raj Muttukrishnan, City University, London.

TPC Co-Chairs:
Subir Saha, Nokia Seimens Networks
Samir Saklikar, RSA, Security Division of EMC
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