[OWASP-Bangalore] Recession Vs Enterprise Security - supporting article

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Yes, this seems to be a valid concern in current time. 

Regarding first point: I was reading this article today, which answers the first concern, that is reduction of investment in Security, 
So as per this article, investment in Security will grow.

Second Point: This appear to be a Chicken and Egg problem, so can't say much :-).


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Hi All,
Just was curious to bring the topic "Recession Vs Enterprise Security" topic to limelight. This has been discussed a lot in various other forums now-a-days but wanted to know what you guys have to say about this.

There are two possible consequences of global recession.

1. Management will start thinking that security is an add-on for existing business, considered as an additional expense than investments/ future benefits. This will reduce the importance of security guys around.

2. Hackers understand that security measures are relaxed due to budget constrains, which will make their lives easier. More and more hackers evolve. This implies opportunity for people in security domain and keeps them busy.

These two possibilities are absolutely contradictory when we consider the impact of recession on security domain.

So what do you guys say. Which is most probable to happen 1 or 2 ???


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