[OWASP-Bangalore] PerFin - Web Application to track your money

uglyhunK mail at uglyhunk.in
Wed Oct 15 09:25:26 EDT 2008


Sometime last month, it was dawned upon me that my monthly expenses were more than what I thought they were. It was then I realized a need to have a tab on my expenses and income and hence came up with a tiny little web application called 'PerFin'. A simple spreadsheet would have done the job but an on demand solution would be a better option
considering the endless advantages it offers over desktop or off-line solution. For example, a mobile phone can be used to update expenses on the fly. As of now, the core solution is in place.

You can check out the demo at http://uglyhunk.in/apps/perfin/ - use demo/demo to log into the application. It is still in beta status and security testing is still pending. So, any suggestions or improvements in terms of vulnerabilities, functionality or look and feel would be well appreciated. I will release the source code very soon.



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