[OWASP-Bangalore] Recap - 16 Nov 08 Meeting

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It was nice to be at the OWASP meeting yesterday. Even I am not able to edit
the google spreadsheet. I think the sharing might be chosen as Viewer
instead of Collaborators.





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It was really nice to the OWASP Meetings catching up. As discussed today, we
will continue to research on open source participation and next month during
the meet, Sundar will speak on Access Control. 


In the mean time, I request you to look at the google doc I created and
update the topic which you would like to listen to or speak about. This
would provide an opportunity for each of us to know who is looking for what.


If there is a topic in which you are interested in speaking about, please
add your name to the topic or add the topic and append your name to it. We
will go by turns and share our knowledge about the same. 


Link to the spreadsheet is


At present, I locked the security of the sheet to ensure that you log in
with your google account. If this is difficult and you don't have a google
account, please let me know and I will make it public. 


Also, with regards to the links which I spoke about, please find my blog
post Interesting OpenSource Links on my blog www.harisays.wordpress.com.


Bipin, thank you very much for the breakfast treat and wish you all the very
best with your new association. 




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