[OWASP-BLR]Meeting Planning

Mayank-Bhatnagar mayank at ncb.ernet.in
Thu Mar 23 03:21:03 EST 2006


I support Akash. Even if we have 2 or 3 people meeting, this Saturday the 
meeting should happen or otherwise it will keep on extending.....as 
said Akash can very well represent our secueity activities and I can be in 
direct touch with him.

So as of now, Harinath, Depson, Akash (total 3) seem positive and 
confirmed. I was informed in advance this Monday itself that Sat & Sun are 
engaged for some official purpose. I really will not be able to make it. 
Sorry for that....but all the best and wishes for the first active 
meeting, and I hope it gets started this Saturday.... :-)

Mayank Bhatnagar
mayank at ncb.ernet.in

68 Electronics City ,
CDAC (Formerly NCST),
Ph: 080-2852 3300/2852 0239-1200
Fax: 080-2852 2590

On Thu, 23 Mar 2006, Akash wrote:

> On 3/23/06, Harinath Pudipeddi <harinath.pudipeddi at softrel.org> wrote:
>> Hello Deepson,
>> I am definitely coming if it is this Saturday morning. It is Mayank who is
>> not coming.
> Hey so can we do a head count. I think even if 2 people show up we
> should go ahead and meet.
> Time: 10 AM on Saturday
> Venue: Barista next to William Penn.
> Agenda: How to kickstart activities more about OWASP and some other
> preliminaries.
> akash
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