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Hello Deepson,

I am definitely coming if it is this Saturday morning. It is Mayank who is not coming. 


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this is not fair that Hari is not coming for the meeting. This is the first meeting of bangalore chapter and the core persons are missing !!!!

Deepson Thomas

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Hi Hari,

Thanks for keeping us all connected. Seems most of the members can 
converge with Sat morning....in my last mail I had discussed about general 
OWASP working group agenda. I think in this meeting the most important 
(from my point of view) work could be

a) Identifying why we are here
b) how do we relate ourselves to security
c) individual introduction and his/her interests/view on security
d) ofcourse breakfast, coffee (you can have tea as well :-) )
e) Responsibilities
- Making the group active
- Initiating some kind of activities (may be tools 
knowledge & usage, standard docs, practices etc)

Anything else ..... group....

Also Sat morning, time can be confirmed.....8.30 or 9.00am seems 
nice.....dont know whether shops are opened at that time....

Personally I will not be able to attend the meeting but will definitely 
ping you guys to get updated what happened....I request Akash (my friend 
and former colleague to update you all about C-DAC'a security group 



On Sat, 18 Mar 2006, Harinath Pudipeddi wrote:

> Hello All,
> I don't think it is wise to wait for people to respond, considering the fact
> that each one is busy with their own schedules. My sincere suggestion is
> that we who have shown interest and responded should take the initiative and
> meet. Once the ball gets rolling, it speeds up.
> What do you say?
> As per the emails, I can Deepson (Koramangala 8 Block), Mayank (Near
> E-City), Akash (Koramangala 8 Block), Guruprasad (Girinagar), Sunil
> (Girinagar), Himanshu and I (Sarjapur Road) are connected and ready to meet.
> Read the information in braces as place of Residence.
> So, why don't we all catch up next Saturday morning for breakfast? I
> apologize if I missed any one in the list, but I have just taken names from
> people who have provided their work and home locations.
> What would be the ideal place for meeting?
> Hari
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