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Harinath Pudipeddi harinath.pudipeddi at softrel.org
Sat Mar 18 12:23:09 EST 2006

Hello All,
I don't think it is wise to wait for people to respond, considering the fact
that each one is busy with their own schedules. My sincere suggestion is
that we who have shown interest and responded should take the initiative and
meet. Once the ball gets rolling, it speeds up.
What do you say?
As per the emails, I can Deepson (Koramangala 8 Block), Mayank (Near
E-City), Akash (Koramangala 8 Block), Guruprasad (Girinagar), Sunil
(Girinagar), Himanshu and I (Sarjapur Road) are connected and ready to meet.
Read the information in braces as place of Residence. 
So, why don't we all catch up next Saturday morning for breakfast? I
apologize if I missed any one in the list, but I have just taken names from
people who have provided their work and home locations. 
What would be the ideal place for meeting? 
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