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Thomas, Deepson deepson.thomas at logicacmg.com
Wed Mar 8 02:01:21 EST 2006

Hi all,
   Feels like our bangalore chapter group got some energy and itz refreshing...
I am eagerly waiting for any workshops and meetings coz I know that 
iam gonna learn a lot from the gurus of security. 
Iam just a student in this field, thatz y. Hope we will kick start our events asap.

Best Regards,
Deepson Thomas
IT Consultant
Divyasree Technopolis
124 - 125 Yemlur Main Road,
Off Airport Road
Yemlur P.O
Bangalore 560 037, India
Cell : +91 9945686815 
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hi Har (wei have 2 Haris here)....,

Well ass of now we received around 3 mails...but I am sure there are other 
people who are also involved.

We have a full fledged Security group in C-DAC and I kow some friends who 
are into Web Apps Seurity. Before calling everyone and others....let us 
discuss what should be the focus of the group.

OWASP Local Chapter guidance is available at this URL

What should be focus on?
- Development
- Expertise on already exisiting OWASP tools
- Contribution to docs
- Organising workshops etc...

Mayank Bhatnagar
mayank at ncb.ernet.in

68 Electronics City ,
CDAC (Formerly NCST),
Ph: 080-2852 3300/2852 0239-1200
Fax: 080-2852 2590

On Thu, 2 Mar 2006, hariprasad g.k wrote:

> Hi Hari/Mayank,
>  This is Hariprasad, member of OWASP-bangalore till now just i am not an 
> active member of this group. now i am intended to participate in the 
> group activities. hope all of the group members will come to gether and 
> participate.
>  Thanks,
>  Hariprasad.
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> 1. RE: Introduction, Meeting Planning (Harinath Pudipeddi)
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> From: "Harinath Pudipeddi"
> To: "'Mayank-Bhatnagar'"
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> Subject: RE: [OWASP-BLR]Introduction, Meeting Planning
> Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006 20:32:43 +0530
> Organization: Software Testing Research Lab
> Hello Mayank,
> Welcome to the OWASP Bangalore Chapter and thank you for kick starting a
> thread. Yes, as you mentioned, there are quite a number of people in
> Bangalore who work with the Security domain, but have not been on to OWASP.
> As far as my understanding goes, only people with interest have joined here
> (as this is not a yahoo group where everyone registers). I strongly feel
> that the potential to meet and discuss is not being utilized.
> I have started welcome messages long time back, but have not seen any
> replies. You are the first one to start.
> It would be good if we can discuss over mails and also make some time to
> meet so that we develop 'togetherness'.
> Anticipating many mails to pour in...
> Your Partner in Learning,
> Hari
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> To: Harinath Pudipeddi
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> Subject: Re: [OWASP-BLR]Introduction, Meeting Planning
> Hi Hari,
> I have also been a member but could not see/initiate/participate in any
> activity. Probably the number of users are quite less here. But as far as
> my experience goes, there are many people in Bangalore who are working in
> Security domain and have been quite active.
> Anyways, let us first decide upon some kind of agenda and then perhaps we
> can meet. If this agenda is to just welcome/meet and decide on activities,
> I feel that could be done on mails/forums itself (as not many are in an
> active phase).
> Let us see the mail's reaction. I am expecting some mails on this thread.
> Get started group :-)
> Regards,
> Mayank Bhatnagar
> mayank at ncb.ernet.in
> 68 Electronics City ,
> CDAC (Formerly NCST),
> Bangalore-560100.
> Ph: 080-2852 3300/2852 0239-1200
> Fax: 080-2852 2590
> __________________________________________________________________________
> On Sat, 4 Feb 2006, Harinath Pudipeddi wrote:
>> Hello All,
>> First, I would like to welcome you all to the OWASP Bangalore Chapter
>> Mailing list.
>> To give you a brief update, I have been with OWASP since the beginning and
> I
>> was very much interested to run the Bangalore Chapter. As you are aware,
>> there are meetings happening all over the World Chapters and Bangalore
>> Chapter has been quite since the beginning.
>> Initially, I tried to organize for a meeting, but could not succeed as
> there
>> was no place for us to meet.
>> May I request members to send in their suggestions for organizing meetings
>> at Bangalore? Can anyone sponsor for the first meeting? It can be your
>> office space or any other. Alternatively, I really don't mind meeting at a
>> Coffee outlet too, but we should not have a lot of disturbance. This is
> the
>> only constraint.
>> Please let me know your thoughts and we shall definitely start meeting and
>> plan forward.
>> Your Partner in Learning,
>> Hari
>> Harinath Pudipeddi | Architect
>> Software Testing Research Lab
>> +91.80.5153 2626 Res
>> +91.80.5110 2353 Fax
>> +91.98860 01976 Mob
>> +91.93428 01976 Mob
>> +1.816.359.3594 SkypeIn
>> www.SofTReL.org
>> SofTReL is an Not for Profit, Open Source organization dedicated for the
>> Research and Advancements in Software Test Engineering.
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