[OWASP-BLR] FW: Application Security

Kalyan Varma kalyan at rtns.org
Thu Aug 10 02:05:40 EDT 2006

Akash wrote:

> I think its rather nice that this mailing list can act as a meeting
> point for customers and businesses as long the mailing list is not
> profit driven.
> But tell me something if your company is in Bangalore is it possible
> to use it as a meeting place for our meets. Usually we get stuck on
> choosing the appropriate venue every time.

Sounds like a plan. My company just grew out of its small office space 
and are in the process of moving to a bigger office and also moving 
towards the center of the city. I doubt the place will be ready for this 
months meet, but from next month on, my office space is free for all the 
meets :)

- Kalyan

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