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Hi all,
  Ya thatz correct. We can fix every third Saturday as the meeting date. If mayank can talk abt any new issues or any new was for protection in the applications especially web based, that will be really great. 

Thanks & Regards,
    Deepson Thomas

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On 4/6/06, Mayank-Bhatnagar <mayank at ncb.ernet.in> wrote:
> hi Hari,
> Okay, since most of us are connected through email and I presume most of
> us have internet access, what do you suggest, before planning for next
> meeting, can we start some technical activity...
> I have some papers/pointers/interesting mails on Web Attacks and other
> things, which most of you would have read...but a discussion on that could
> be interesting to get started with.....
> any views...??
please start sharing !!!

Also about the meetings. How about keeping the third saturday of every
month as the meeting day? Till we gather some momentum I think this
way we can book our calendars in advance and not worry about that if
we will be able to make it to the meeting or not.



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