[Owasp-austin] OWASP Austin Chapter - switching to Google Groups for mailing list

Tiana Chandler tiana.chandler at owasp.org
Sat Mar 9 06:38:05 UTC 2019

Hello everyone,

You may have already seen a message sent to this list about the Google
Groups. The current list is run on a software called Mailman, which is very
dated software and evidently has had lots of issues. So the Foundation is
going to move to Google Groups, which I think will work out well for our

Unfortunately the switchover will require each of you to take action to
join the Google Group.  It is not required for you to have a Google email
account, and the help document (listed below) can provide those

All requests will come through me, at least initially, so I will approve
those as quickly as possible. Note that for our Austin Chapter Google
Group, it will be set up to only allow the chapter leadership to post
announcements, rather than be an interactive forum. We may open it up
later, but for now just want to keep it simple.

Here is the link you can use to submit your request

Additional help information can be viewed at

In this transition period, I will most likely post new announcements to
both the old list and the new Google Groups, so you may see some
duplication of messages.  Ideally that will be a test for you to ensure you
are getting the information from the new solution.

If you have any issues or concerns with the new Google Groups, please let
me know.

Tiana Chandler
OWASP Austin Chapter Leader

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