[Owasp-austin] OWASP Study Group Tomorrow

David Hughes david.hughes at owasp.org
Tue Jul 31 19:50:12 UTC 2012


Just wanted everyone to know about the OWASP Austin Study Group held
tomorrow and every Wednesday at National Instruments.

I know I haven't heard from everyone, but the general consensus is that
working through the Metasploit book is favorable to most. I have not
heard any negative feedback regarding the idea.

Tomorrow bring you're copy of the book if you have it and let's discuss
two things:

1. How best to divide the book for best coverage. We don't want to fly
through this book too quickly. We may also feel free to take a break
from it occasionally for this or that topic, related or unrelated to
2. How best to recommend participants set up their systems to follow
along. Maybe we recommend that they run Backtrack and Metasploitable in
virtual machines, for example. We might need to adjust some examples in
the book to better fit our environment and setup. Obviously, if you
create additional exercises\demos, all the better.

If you don't already have the book, you can order it, but I recommend
waiting. If you order directly from No Starch Press, you get both the
book and the PDF. I've asked them if they can generate some sort of
coupon code for the book for an additional discount. I want to make sure
everyone has a copy, while at the same time making sure that everything
we use is paid for. No Starch Press is a smaller publisher and they take
a gamble on the goodness of geeks and hackers in giving away the PDF
with every book purchased.


If you do decide to go ahead and order it anyway, ask them first about a
discount. Keep in mind that, while you can get it cheaper from Amazon,
you will not get the free PDF.

Also, please sign up for a my.owasp.org account so that we can
communicate within that context. I want to keep any general study group
discussion off the OWASP list and instead kept within an environment
(my.owasp.org) that is more conducive to discussion.

We're meeting as usual at NI, Building A in 217 from 12:00p - 1:00p

See you then! 

David H. 


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