[Owasp-austin] Study Group Kickoff Tomorrow

David Hughes david.hughes at owasp.org
Tue Jul 17 14:55:52 UTC 2012


We're going to be trying something a little different in the study group
for a few weeks. I'd like to see the study group become a bit more
self-sufficient. I think it needs some internal momentum to keep things

What I propose is that the members of the group become the weekly
presenters, kinda like home brew computer clubs, AHA, etc.  Do you have
a favorite tool, or new technique you'd like to present? I'd like to see
you present something about that.  Here are my thoughts:

1.  Keep the actual "presentation" to a minimum to allow for more
discussion\hands-on time. This means less work for you and a much more
rich experience for those who attend.
2. Keep it as vendor-neutral as possible.
3. Favor hands-on and discussion over purely theoretical topics. If you
want to talk about public key crypto, for example, at least have a demo
of some sort.
4. Think about the type of group we have, auditors, pen testers,
analysts, developers, etc. Gear your presentation to achieve maximum
possible interest.
 5. Keep it fun.
6. It does not "have" to be technical, but it needs to be related to
InfoSec (or something that InfoSec people can in some way relate.)
7. Don't attack NI's network or break anything in the classroom. NI has
been a gracious host and we don't want to have to meet under a tree at
Zilker Park. :-)

We can of course also do "series" presentations\study as well. I've
heard requests for Metasploit and BurpSuite, which would take several
weeks for either, especially msf.

Tomorrow I'd also like to discuss some ways we can facilitate demos and
hands-on learning in the class, using Virtual Box, Backtrack, WTE, etc.
If we can agree on some standard ways of doing things, all students can
come to the class better prepared to be involved. It ought to be a fun
brainstorming session.  Bring your ideas!

We're meeting as usual at NI, Building A, Room 234 across from the
cafeteria entrance (The one next door to the one we've been using) for
the next two weeks.  Will be back in 217 after that. 

See you then,

David H.

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