[Owasp-austin] July Happy Hour and Study Group Announcement

David Hughes david.hughes at owasp.org
Tue Jul 10 23:04:19 UTC 2012

    July Austin Security Professionals Happy Hour (Sponsored by Security

*Please RSVP so have an idea how many to expect!*

*When* : Thursday July 12th, from 5-7 PM.

*Where:* Sherlocks Baker Street Pub and Grill at the corner of 183 and

*What is it?:* The Austin Security Professionals happy hour is a monthly
gathering of information security professionals from the Austin area,
heavily represented by OWASP and ISSA membership. It is a time to enjoy
some drinks and food provided by our sponsor, an to get to know other
InfoSec professionals. Come on down and hang out with a bunch of hackers
and geeks!

*Our Sponsor:* Security Innovation

Security Innovation solutions are based on the three pillars of a secure
Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), which feed into one another to
create an ecosystem of repeatable, secure software development -
standards, education and assessment. For more than ten years, the
company has helped organizations build internal expertise and reduce
application risk. The company's flagship products include TeamMentor,
the industry's largest library of application security eLearning
courses, and TeamMentor, "out of the box" secure development standards.

There will be a $100 Amazon.com card giveaway, so bring a business card!

*RSVP:* http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3698065012


    Wednesday Study Group Starts This Month

Ben Broussard will no longer be able to lead our study group due to some
other commitments and I'm swamped, so here's my idea:

We have a lot of smart people in our group and I have seen many of you
lead different sections of past studies. I would like for you to pick a
tool, technique, topic, etc that you want to present to the group.It
does not need to be a formal presentation, and the more hands-on, the
better. Some ideas:

1. Your favorite Pen Testing Tool

2. A tutorial on your favorite scripting language.

3. Setting up a vulnerable system to attack


The coverage of the material should take no more than 40-45 minutes to
allow for discussion.

I recommend that each of us bring laptops and have virtual machines with
WTE, Backtrack, etc. and  as we create our lessons, let's try to set
them up so that students in the study group can follow along with your
examples. If we all have this kind of environment and the class leader
designs exercises with this in mind, we will all come prepared to

To help support this, I'm going to lead the the group on the 18th, and
the topic will be "Setting up a Security Testing\Lab Environment" where
we will discuss how to set up our systems using Virtual Box, WTE,
Backtrack, etc.

We'll try this out for a couple of months and continue on as long as we
have steam. :-)

I'm working on ideas for hands-on structured topics for future sessions.
Setting up the lab portion is going to be the tricky part. For example,
if we cover the newer Metasploit book, we'd want to be able to work with
some actual targets.

Always ready to hear more ideas about this. Think about what you want to

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