[Owasp-austin] Honeynet Project Meeting in Austin (2/25)

Ryan W Smith ryanwsmith at gmail.com
Wed Feb 8 04:29:07 UTC 2012

I just wanted to give anyone a heads up that's interested, 
the local Honeynet Chapter (RoT-1) is holding a public meeting on February 25.

I've been a member of The Honeynet project since 2002 through various chapters, 
and I founded the RoT-1 Chapter when I moved back to Austin last year with a few other "alumni" members.

This is the first meeting we're opening up to the public, and I'm encouraging anyone to come that's interested in working on a project or contributing in any way.
I know there are a lot of other people tinkering with honeypot technology in the area and I'd like to get a more active and collaborative local honynet community going.

The meeting will be pretty informal, but one of the big topics will be coming up with project ideas for GSOC2012
I'm helping to put together the GSOC2012 program, so if you have a project idea that could be completed by a student in 2-3 months (and is related to honeynets), we could try to get it funded through GSOC, and you'd basically have a free developer (paid for by google) for your pet project.  
Last year I designed and worked with a student who implemented an android RE tool (http://code.google.com/p/apkinspector) This work was completed by a grad student in China for the honeynet project's Google Summer of Code in 2011, and was one of the best open source collaborative projects I've worked on to date.  

If you're interested in coming out, register at http://r0t1.eventbrite.com/
If you don't want to do that, just email me directly, but the location is still TBD, and I'd like to get an idea of how many people are coming so I can plan accordingly and send out details.

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