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I would encourage you and everyone else to attend Agile Austin events.
 Their monthly meetings are on the first Tuesday of the month at Microsoft's
new office off of Braker and MoPac.  I have been going for several years and
they are always well attended and have great presentations.

I have also been speaking with Matt and Agile Austin about putting together
a presentation to give at an up coming Agile Austin meeting.  Hopefully
things will work out to where we can give the presentation later this year.
 We'll definitely keep the OWASP users informed of it as it would be great
to blow out the conference room we use with a bunch of OWASP members!


On Fri, Jan 14, 2011 at 9:57 AM, Ernest Mueller <ernest.mueller at ni.com>wrote:

>  I enjoyed the happy hour last night, it was good to catch up with some of
> you I haven't seen in a while! Had an interesting conversation with some of
> the ISSA guys I'd never met before, they are wrestling with Agile and
> security and mentioned that Agile Austin (http://www.agileaustin.org/) was
> really good. I think that's great, both dre's talk last year and Matt's
> LASCON keynote allude to the need for security professionals to find a new
> way to engage with this new way teams are building apps. James and I are
> interested in "DevOps" which is addressing the exact same concern for the
> operations world. GeekAustin's having a DevOps meetup soon (
> http://devopsday.eventbrite.com/) - I'd encourage security people to think
> about how to plug in to this new kind of process.
> Oh, and we've had a couple talks touching on cloud security at the Austin
> Cloud User Group, which meets monthly if you're interested in that -
> http://acug.cloudug.org/. Greg was all excited to hear about it so I
> thought I'd pass its info on to the group (I help run it).
> There's so much great tech stuff going on in the Austin area. And I'd like
> to give props to Josh, James, Matt, and everyone who's worked hard to make
> Austin OWASP such a large, stable, well-regarded group!
> Ernest
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