[Owasp-austin] Help out an Austin OWASP sponsor... and get a $20 gift card

James Wickett wickett at gmail.com
Thu Apr 14 13:26:54 EDT 2011

Dean let me know that his company is planning on doing an ad for
OWASP.org.  However he wants to make an ad that is useful to OWASP

To figure out what OWASP people are looking for, he has asked the
Austin chapter to help do some quick A/B testing.  I just took the
survey and it was only 5 minutes.  See Dean's note below for details.

Note from Dean:
For the first twenty respondents, we will send a 20 Dollar Starbucks card
for your feedback on our OWASP banner ad[s].

The survey will close after the first twenty responses so you don't waste
your time --  Our deadline is 5pm today.

To participate, click below:

J. H. Wickett, CISSP, GCFW
Twitter: @wickett

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