[Owasp-austin] Xpud bootable linux distro customization

Jeff Hunt jeff.hunt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 5 15:51:53 EST 2009

Hi, I am looking for some contract help to further customize the bootable
linux distro founded by the xpud project at www.xpud.org.

The customized requirements of this bootable distro is:

   - read/write access of Windows registry across XP, Vista, and 7, and net
   access over ethernet and wi-fi on boot
   - automating some Windows side tasks for host OS via script on next time

Anyone looking for a short term contact developing this application or
interested in more details please contact me ASAP.
You won't be starting from scratch and may be collaborating withe previous
developer depending on this schedule, and the entire project so far is
documented as to what has been accomplished so far. Thanks for any replies.

Jeff Hunt
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